We LOVE new people! Whether you are an incoming Freshman, transfer student, or new to the MSA, you’ve found an awesome place to make friends. Everyone is super welcoming and eager to make your transition into college life as easy as possible! Seriously, if you guys need ANYTHING don’t hesitate to contact any of our board members, we’re here for you 🙂

Also, if you’re a brother looking for a roommate contact Ahmad Edrees, the Brothers Coordinator at brothers@vtmsa.org. And if you’re a sister looking for a roommate contact Sanah Munshi, the Sisters Coordinator at sisters@vtmsa.org.

Find us on social media

You might be wondering where can I get in contact and learn more about Virginia Tech’s MSA. Look no further than as we are also on facebook, twitter, and snapchat!

Here are the links below:

Public VT MSA page

Private VT MSA page

Brothers’ MSA Page

Sisters’ MSA Page

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