Membership Form*:

Salaam alaykum! In order to be an associate member of MSA, we require that you fill out our membership form. You can fill out the form anytime, but realize you won’t be on the official MSA roster until you do, and your presence at MSA meetings will not be counted. To be a full member of MSA, you must also pay your dues. Associate members and full members have all the same rights except that associate members cannot run for office or vote in the elections. Dues are $10 for the semester and $20 for the year and will only be accepted until 30 calendar days after the first General Body Meeting. The forms may only be completed online.

MSA Membership Application

*Note:MSA events/meetings/activities are open to anyone interested; you DO NOT have to be an MSA member to participate.


Reimbursement Form:

Salaam alaykum! If you have bought or are planning to buy something for an MSA event and wish to be reimbursed, please download and fill out this form and turn it in to the Treasurer ASAP. All policies and procedures are outlined on the form itself. If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to the MSA Treasurer at

MSA Reimbursement Form