These are the current confirmed halal options we know of in Blacksburg. If anyone has any more information please contact the board ASAP so we can update the information!

Halal and Vegetarian Restaurants: *will be updated soon*

Virginia Tech Halal Foods

How to find Halal foods on campus. [Please note the VT campus updates this website regularly; please stay up to date on which foods are halal. Thank you.]

For those of you that haven’t heard Virginia Tech now has halal and zabiha halal meat! We have mentioned it previously at general body meetings and MUGS but this email will go through step-by-step how you can check which dishes are zabiha online. 

Down below you’ll find the link that will take you to the Virginia Tech Dining page:

To view the online menu, which is updated every day, just navigate to and click on a dining center.

 Upon clicking on the link and selecting a specific dining hall menu, you will see the meals they will be serving for the day.

At the top of the page is a key for the special items. Clicking the “Nutrition/Ingredients” will bring up all the dishes served at that dining hall.

 After clicking the “Nutrition/Ingredients” you will see something similar listening all the available dishes. Note that an item with a “(H)” denotes that it is Halal.