2015 – 2016

Assalamu’Alaikum VT MSA Family! The past year has been amazing one for the club. So much has been happening so we feel obligated to share it all with you. Here’s a look back at 2015 to present.

2nd Annual Blacksburg Spiritual Retreat

99 college students from across the state flocked to Blacksburg this past October for a simple purpose: reconnect with Allah. Sitting with Shaykh Mendes and Ustadh Ashanti for an uplifting and refreshing weekend. Not to mention enjoying some classic Hokie hospitality.

newsletter retreat

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Adventure Time

The MSA took a classic trip to pick apples, appreciate the outdoors, and enjoy each other’s company. Afterwards an intense fire building competition set the group ablaze in fiery competition.

newsletter adventure time

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We Stand Together: A Gathering Against Hate

No message of hate or prejudice defines who we are. One message scribbled on a bathroom stall mobilized 1000+ Hokies to stand in solidarity on the drillfield. 1000 sponsored T-Shirts and Wristbands were disseminated throughout campus.

newsletter 3 winners

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Battle of the Classes: Dessert Edition 

8 teams broke out their aprons and baking supplies to show that their class is best. What resulted is a variety of social groups coming together in healthy competition- not to mention a variety of sugary goods!

newsletter bake-off

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Open Mic Night: The Muslim Experience 

The number of talented members in our MSA is incredible. Nearly a dozen performers stepped up to showcase their talents and passions in front of their peers.

newsletter open mic

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International Street Fair

2016 gave us the best MSA Street Fair to date. Beautiful weather and wonderful volunteers helped MSA generate hundreds of sales.

newsletter street fair

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Jeopardy: MSA Edition

Students at VT are here to learn. So in that spirit MSA is hosting its first ever Jeopardy/Ilmathon. 10 randomly selected teams will question answers and buzz buzzers until only 1 team remains. May the biggest brains win!

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Senior BBQ and Slideshow

As the time with the graduating class nears its end, this annual event is sure to be bitter sweet. We’ll come together for fun, food, and nostalgia.

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